Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Story

Last night I took a patient, her son and her sister to the airport to be medevac-ed by the US military. Dr. Dan earlier made the case, I just had to deliver the patient. Her son is active US Army in Seoul who came on leave to get her to Florida (she already had a green card). She had a pretty serious wound on her leg that would require a lot of care, beyond what we could provide here. There were a lot of politics, etc., but they finally cleared her to go. As we were leaving, her son, the soldier, shared this:


He told me how people stop him in the airport and around town and thank him for his service, calling him a hero. But now, working with us, he knows what heroes really are. Everyone down here helping the Haitians get back on their feet is a hero. He was expecting to come back here to bury his mother, but now she’s alive and well.

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